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Where to park?

Competitor parking is available before the roads are closed at 6am in the following locations;

  • Whitfords Nodes Carpark

  • Hillarys Animal Beach Carpark and

  • Pinnaroo Point Carpark.


The available parking opportunities at these locations may be sufficient for the anticipated competitor numbers. The car parks will remain closed until the completion of the event at 11am when they will be reopened to the public, however based on previous years it is likely they will reopen earlier.


Competitors or visitors arriving after 6am are expected to park with common sense and in accordance to the City of Joondalup’s Local Parking Laws. These include but are not limited to;

  • No Parking on/over a footpath

  • Park facing the same direction as the traffic

  • No parking on private resident’s verge or driveway (without the owners consent)

  • Not on private property without the owners consent.

Whitford Nodes Park, Hillarys - Limited parking will be available next to the start at Whitford Nodes Park.  As it is a popular location it is recommended to arrive early to ensure a spot and allow plenty of time for registration. Whitford Nodes Park has parking for over 300 vehicles at the venue car park, which should accommodate much of the parking needs for this event.  

Access to this car parks at the race venue and off Whitfords Ave will be available until 6.15am from both North and South entry points.  Be sure to let the Traffic Management team know that you are heading to the race venue for the event if you are running late.  No vehicles will be allowed through road closure after 6:15am via Northshore Drive and Whitfords Avenue. 


Hillarys Animal Beach Carpark - is around 900m from race transition heading South up the shared path to Whitford Nodes. 

Pinnaroo Point Carpark - is around 1400m from race transition heading South up the shared path to Whitford Nodes. 


NOTE - Also be aware that cars parked inside the race venue at Whitford Nodes Park and other car parks off Whitford Avenue will not be able to depart due to road closure until the final competitor has completed the bike course and roads have been re-opened (est. 10:30 to 11am at latest).  If you are walking up from this parking area or heading up on your bike please be cautious as it is a shared path and open to public.  After the race please look our for other competitors on the shared path that may still be completing the run course leg.

Please be aware that all parking regulations enforced by the Council will apply throughout the course of the event so please refer to their parking signs for more details. As bikes will be racked the day of the event, it is recommended that entrants arrange drop-off for their own convenience before road closures are enforced after 6am on race day.

Parking restrictions
Parking restrictions will apply at the car park directly located at the Hillarys Marina!  Do not use this parking, it will be closed to event attendees and spectators.  Also refrain from using the parking at the Surf Club so that they can continue their surf life-saving activities without disruption.

Please use the designated race parking only!

Carpark Closures
The following carparks will be closed from approximately 6am-11:00am on Sunday 12th December 2021.   These are however available as competitor parking on race morning.

Beachside carparks along Whitfords Avenue –

  • Whitfords Nodes carpark (off Whitfords Ave)

  • Whitfords Nodes Central carpark (Dog Exercise Beach - off Whitfords Ave)

  • Pinnaroo Point carpark (John Wilkie Turn - off Whitfords Ave)

  • Whitford Beach carpark (off Northshore Drive).

Participants and supporters should take note of restrictions in regard to access to the beach via designated walkways and not enter dunes areas – please refer to and take note of the appropriate access signs.

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