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Event Information

The City of Joondalup - Coastal Quest Triathlon event is scheduled for  08th December 2024.   The Coastal Quest Triathlon event is held annually, this year Whitford Nodes Park, Hillarys on the stunning Northern Beaches of the City of Joondalup and is suitable for all levels of athletes, including a short 'Bolt' race ideal for junior and novice athletes.  For 2023 the Coastal Quest will be a  2024/25 State Senior point-score  and WA State Sprint Championship event (to be confirmed) and will also be a Triathlon Australia Age Group WT World Championship Qualifying race over the Sprint distance.   The event is facilitated under the strict sanctioning rules of Triathlon Australia.

Entries are  OPEN!


Race Location

Start/Finish and Transition at Whitford Nodes Park, Hillarys

Race Distances

Sprint – 750m Swim/20km Ride/5km Run

  • Junior 14 to 19 years 

  • Open/Senior - Individual  (2023/24 State Senior point-score & WQE)

  • Teams - Junior 14 to Senior 75+ years

Bolt (Novice & Juniors) – 250m Swim/7km Ride / 2km Run

  • Junior 16 to 19 years - suitable for all junior and junior elite athletes 16 -19 years

  • Juniors  12 to 15 years 

  • Novice - suitable for all beginner and novice athletes 12 years and older

Duathlon – 2km Run/20km Ride /5km Run

  • Junior 14 to 19 years

  • Open/Senior - Individual

  • Note: - race distances have been adjusted for race logistics purposes, hence the last run leg is longer.

AquaBike – 750m Swim/20km Ride

  • Junior 14 to 19 years

  • Open/Senior - Individual

  • Note: - Aquabike finish times are taken after you dismount your bike and cross the timing mat into T2.  after that make your way from Transition to the athlete recovery area.  You do not need to run out of transition and to the finish line.

Tin Lids  (Kids - 7-11yrs) – 100m Swim/3km Ride /500m Run

  • Junior 7 to 11 years

  • Note: - this is intended to be a safe and fun race experience for kids hence no finish timing is given .  However all entrants receive a custom race swim cap and finishers receive a finisher medal.

Course Summary

Sprint  (Seniors, Junior and Teams)

  • Swim - 1 x 750m lap

  • Bike -  3 x laps

  • Run -  1 x 5km lap (out and back)

Bolt  (Novice & Juniors)

  • Swim - 1 x 250m lap

  • Bike -  1 x lap

  • Run -  1 x 2km lap (out and back)


  • Run -  1 x 2km lap (out and back)

  • Bike -  3 x laps

  • Run -  1 x 5km lap (out and back)


  • Swim - 1 x 750m lap

  • Bike -  3 x laps

  • Note: - Aquabike finish times are taken after you dismount your bike and cross the timing mat into T2.  after that make your way from Transition to the athlete recovery area.  You do not need to run out of transition and to the finish line.

TinLids (Kids 7-11yrs)

  • Swim - 1 x 100m lap

  • Bike -  1 x 3km lap

  • Run -  1 x 500m lap (out and back)

Race Entries
Online Registrations are  

Late Entries

Late entries will be available after 9pm AWST 02 December 2024  only if and subject to race entry slots still being available.  Please note that all late entries  will incur an additional $15 late payment fee for individual entries and for Teams.  (Late entries require additional manual processing by race administrators to entry lists for electronic timing preparation and bib allocation.)

Late entries can be purchased at the Registration Pickup times and locations below:

Registration Pickup

Pre race day registration bag collection (numbers, timing chip, swim cap) will now be available at XTR Multisports (Royce Court, Joondalup) on the days and times listed below.  We strongly suggest to ensure race pack collection the day before the race to ensure you have plenty of time on race morning. Please ensure you have registered and collected your swim cap, timing chip band.


  • Saturday 07th - 11:00am to 3:00pm at XTR Multisports (Royce Court, Joondalup)

  • Sunday 08th - Alternatively registration will be available from 5:30am to 6:45am on race day at the race transition area at Whitford Nodes Park, Hillarys. 

Please note:

  • Photo ID or Registration Confirmation is required (a friend can collect on your behalf with a copy of your registration email)

  • We strongly suggest that all race packs are collected prior to the event at one of the times and locations shown above

Bike Transition Check In

Bike check-in and racking will be on race day Sunday 08 December prior to race start between:

  • 5:45am to 6:45am for TinLids  (Kids)

  • 5:45am to 6:55am for the Sprint, Bolt and Duathlon race distances.   

Be sure to get to the race in good time to register and rack your bike in time.  It is advised to register on the days prior to race day to ensure you have sufficient time on race morning.  Note - only after you have completed registration will you be able to rack your bike in transition.

Bag Drop

A bag drop area is available on race day.  Your race bib/no you receive in your registration pack includes a bag-drop tear off tab.  If you will use the bag drop, tear this off carefully and secure to your bag handle.,  The bag drop area will be located in the recovery area at the finish.  This area is not open to the public and will allow you to collect your bag once you have completed your race and within the finish recovery area.  

Please note that bag drop is self managed but you may need to show your race number to event staff when picking up your bag.

Race Registration Pack

Your race registration pack will include four important items:

  1. Your Race Bib - must be worn on the Bike and Run leg.

  2. Your Swim Cap - which will match your Swim Wave cap colour

  3. Your Timing Chip Band - which will match your Bib and Bike Id number (place on Left ankle)

  4. Your Bike Id number (small blue) - must be placed on your bike top tube for Transition entry/exit control.  This is NOT for your helmet!

Note s:

  • You will require your race number to match your bike identification number to remove your bike form transition post event.

  • The Timing Chip Band is a keeper or you can dispose of it post event!

Race Day Transition Access

Transition access on race day will be open from 5:45am on race day and will close prior to race start at 6:45am for TinLids  (Kids) and 6:55am for the Sprint, Bolt, Aquathlon and Duathlon.   You will require your race number, bike identification number and helmet to gain entry to transition.  Helmets should be placed on your head and buckled up for safety inspection. 

Bike Removal from Transition

Transition access after you race will be dependant on the Race Director announcing that the transition is open for bike collection.  For safety reasons, the Transition for each event distance will vary and is dependant on the last athlete for that race completing their bike leg.  Only then subject to the approval of the Race Director will the Transition area for that race be opened for the removal of bikes.  Therefore Transition zones will be opened for bike removal in this order:

  • TinLids  (Kids)

  • Bolt

  • Sprint, Aquathlon and Duathlon

As a security precaution, you will require your Race Bib Number to gain entry to Transition once your race is completed.   You must show your Race Bib Number  and bike identification number to a race official before you can remove your bike. 

Failure to abide by the race rules above will result in disqualification and possible further disciplinary action!

Race Numbers & Marking

  • Please ensure your race number is marked on your Left lower forearm for identification by race officials as well as event photographers should your Race Bib Number not be visible e.g. exiting the Swim

  • You will require your race number bib on both the Bike and Run leg - this is mandatory.

Wave Categories

Athletes will have a choice of entering the Open (Elite)  Age Group and Parariathlete waves.  However in tradition we will offer the 'Mates Wave', which is a non-competitive category but allowing individuals of ages and genders to start together with family or friends in the same wave.  Also on offer is the 'BIG EASY' wave for those athletes that want to cruise through having completed a long course Ironman, 70.3 or similar in the weeks before.

Start Waves  (Updated 09/12/2023. Note -  these times are subject to change without notice, including additional waves)

1.     7:00 - TinLids (Kids) / Juniors 7 to 11 yrs Male/Female  (Swim cap - Orange  ) 

2.     7:35 - Bolt / Juniors 12 to 19 yrs Male  (Swim cap - Blue) 

3.     7:36 - Bolt / Juniors 12 to 19 yrs Female  (Swim cap - Pink )

4.     7:38 - Bolt / Males 20+ yrs . (Swim cap - Yellow ) 

5.     7:40 - Bolt / Females 20+ yrs . (Swim cap - Red) 

6.     7:41 - Bolt / Mates Wave  (Swim cap - Purple) 

7.     7:42 - Bolt / Paratri  (Swim cap - Green)

8.     7:45 - Duathlon / All  (2km Run Leg)  - Start on shared path on the West side of T1/2 

9.     7:50 - Sprint / Male Open & Jnr 14-19yrs . (Swim cap - Green) 

10.    7:51 - Sprint / Female Open, Jnr 14-19yrs, 20-39yrs and Paratri. (Swim cap - Yellow) 

11.     7:52 - Sprint / BIG EASY (Swim cap - Pink) 

12.    7:54 -  Sprint / Male 20 to 39 yrs . (Swim cap - Blue) 

13.     7:56 – Sprint / Male 40+ yrs . (Swim cap - Red) 

14.     7:58 - Sprint / Female 40+ yrs . (Swim cap - Orange) 

15.     8:00 - Aquabike & Sprint / Mates Wave  & Teams  (Swim cap - Purple) 

Race briefing

Race briefing will be held for all races.  There will be two race briefings -

  • 6:40am - for TinLids (Kids) on the beach adjacent to the start.

  • 7:10am - for the Bolt, Duathlon and Sprint races - next to Transition and Registration area.

Please only move to the beach starting area after your briefing.  Athletes please use the entrance South of the Swim Exit if you are not an early wave so as not to clash with athletes exiting the swim.. 


All presentations will take place at approximately 9:00am (Bolt), 10:00 est. (Sprint) onwards at the finish area. The presentations times are subject to change and will start earlier if ahead of schedule. 

Race Divisions

Participants will participate in one of the following categories:

  • TinLids (Kids)  - 7-11 Yrs

  • Bolt  (Novice & Juniors) -  12-13 Yrs,  14-15 yrs,  16-19 yrs, 20-29 Yrs; 30-39 yrs . . . 50-59 Yrs; 60

  • Sprint Senior - This race division is a 2024/25 State Senior point-score,  WA State Sprint Championship and TA Age Group WT World Championship qualifying race (for TA/TWA Standard & Premium members). 

    • Open/Elite*,

    • Paratri

    • 20-24 yrs Male & Female

    • 25-29 Yrs Male & Female

    • 30-34 Yrs Male & Female

    • 35-39 Yrs Male & Female

    • 40-44 Yrs Male & Female

    • 45-49 Yrs Male & Female

    • 50-54 Yrs Male & Female

    • 55-59 Yrs Male & Female

    • 60-64 Yrs Male & Female

    • 65-69 Yrs Male & Female

    • 70-74 Yrs Male & Female

    • 75+ Yrs Male & Female

  • Sprint Junior - 14-15 Yrs,  16-19 Yrs  - Age Group race. 

  • Duathlon - 14-15 Yrs,  16-19 Yrs,  20-24 yrs,  25-29 Yrs. . . . . 65-69,  70+ - Age Group race

  • AquaBike - 14-15 Yrs,  16-19 Yrs,  20-24 yrs,  25-29 Yrs. . . . . 65-69,  70+ - Age Group race.



  • Age is calculated in align to TA policy as at 31st of December 2023.

  • *Open Category (Elite athletes) entries are subject to approval by the organisers and Triathlon WA.

  • Participants entering the Mates Wave will still be allocated to age group categories for race results and prize categories where applicable.

Place medals will be awarded to:

  • TinLids (Kids) - no place medal but medal to all finishers!

  • Bolt - 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female 12-13 Yrs, 14-15Yrs, 16+Yrs  (Note - Place Medals only junior Age Categories)

  • Sprint - 1st Male - Brynt McSwain Trophy (a memorial trophy in honour of Brynt McSwain)

  • **Sprint - Open/Elite - 1st (Trophy, Medal & $500), 2nd (Medal & $400), 3rd (Medal & $300) male and female - for Open Category places (Note - must be a current financial Triathlon Australia and TWA Standard or Premium annual member)

  • **Sprint - Age Group - 1st, 2nd and 3rd male, female and 1st Paratri male, female WA State Championship Age Group winners - WA State Sprint Championship Place Medals, (Note - must be a current financial Triathlon Australia and TWA Standard or Premium annual member)

  • **Sprint - Teams - 1st Team Place Medals

  • Sprint Junior - 1st, 2nd and 3rd male, female for Age Groups 14-15 Yrs,  16-19 Yrs - Place Medals

  • Duathlon - 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female overall - Place Medals (Note - not per Age Category but based on overall placing)

  • AquaBike - 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female overall - Place Medals (Note - not per Age Category but based on overall placing)

  • Lucky Draw Prizes - there will be loads of lucky draw prizes across all race distances!



  • For the Sprint race, while the event is open for all to. enter only current 2023/2024 Triathlon Australia affiliated Standard or Premium annual members will be valid for points contribution to selection for Triathlon Australia representation at any Age Group WT World Championship event. 

  • Non-affiliated entries (non members) and TA/TWA Basic members are required to obtain a Triathlon Australia one day membership for race day that provides a  Triathlon Australia One Day Licence (ODL)  providing you with Public Liability insurance during the event.  More information on insurance can be found here on the Triathlon Australia website

  • The purchase of a a Triathlon Australia one day membership and ODL is not a substitute for a Triathlon Australia and Triathlon WA annual membership and the associated entitlements, points or selection for Triathlon Australia representation at any Age Group WT World Championship event.

Other Luck Draw Prizes include

  • tba


Note:  All lucky draw prizes are available for all entrants on the day but are only valid if your race number is drawn and you are personally present to receive the award at the prize giving on race day.  Lucky draw prizes for entrants not present at the race day prize giving will be invalid and their will be a re-draw for that prize.  You must tear off you race number strip in the awards ballot box at the finish area to be in the draw.

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