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  • I am a triathlon 'newbie', what category should I register in – my 'age group' or 'open'"
    Answer - Most participants will choose their age group eg. F20-24 (female 23 years old), M45-49 (male 46) if you are an experienced triathlete or first timer. The 'Open' category is for elite athletes only who set a pretty high standard and usually start in the first wave. 'Open' athetes require approval by race organisers to race that category.
  • Why time would I start with this wave process?
    Answer - Wave starts are normally by age groupings or a comibination of age groups. This is to spread out competitors for a safer event. While indicative wave starts are published now these are subject to change at anytime. Final wave starts are released usually 2-3 days before the race once competitor numbers are confirmed. Waves also allow a maximum number of competitors to start at once and allow similary aged athletes to race against each other should they enjoy that competitive part of triathlons. If you are not the competitive type but there to challenge yourself simply self-seed your self during your wave start or start at the back of the wave if you feel more comfortable doing so.
  • Which race distance counts for the State Triathlete of the Year competition?
    Answer - For this event the Sprint distance counts for the Triathlete of the Year competition for seniors athletes only in this instance.
  • How do I know which race distance to enter?
    Answer - The Enticer race is suitable for all beginner and novice athletes 12 years and older as well capable junior athletes 12 to 19 years. If however you have some experience and have stepped up in distance and have completed a few triathlons and you are over 14 years then the Sprint distance may be more appropriate for you. The Duathlon is available for entrants 14 years and older who would rather do a run-bike-run combination excluding the swim leg. The Aquabike is available for entrants 14 years and older who would rather do a Swim-Bike combination excluding the run leg.
  • What is a team entry, for which event and does the cost include the whole team or per person?"
    Answer - A team is a group of 2 or 3 people who are part of a relay team for the Sprint distance race only! Each person nominates a leg (or 2) to do themselves and they tag the next team member in the transition area before commencing the next leg. When they tage the next team member it is important that they change over the ankle timing chip to ensure their team receives an official finish time. Entry fees listed on the race website for teams include all team members be they a 2 or 3 person team.
  • What is the 'Big Easy Wave'?
    The 'Big Easy' wave is for those athletes backing up after a half and full iron-distance race such as the Busselton 70.3 or Iornman within two weeks of the Coastal Quest. This will allow those with fatigued race limbs to ease into the race to support their club with the respect deserved from other athletes. The organisers will validate that entries into this category have completed a half or full iron-distance race in the weeks before the event.
  • What is the 'Mates Wave'?
    The 'Mates Wave', which is a non-competitive category but allowing individuals of ages and genders to start together with family or friends in the same wave. This is relevant to the Sprint distance only. Competitors in the Mates Wave are still valid for Age Group place prizes.
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