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Course Maps

Course Maps and Information

Transition Layout:

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with the race Transition Layout.  Here is the link from which you can view the layout. See - Transition Layout (click here)

Swim Course:
Staring at Whitford Nodes beach, athletes will navigate a 1 x lap course for the Sprint and AquaBike (1 x short lap for Novice & Junior Enticer race).  Tin Lids (Kids) will navigate an even shorter lap closer to shore!
  Athletes then exit the water after lap 1 before navigating up the beach to Transition 1 (T1) on Whitford Nodes Park.

Bike Course:
The bike course comprises of a 3 x lap course (1 x lap for BOLT Novice, Junior race and TinLids (7-11Yrs) leaving Whitford Nodes Park.   After exiting transition for the cycle leg athletes turn left into Whitfords Avenue and continue North until the roundabout and intersection of Northshore Drive and Whitfords Avenue.  Athlete must turn left into Northshore Drive until they reach the first bike turn just before Mullaloo Beach at the intersection of Merrifield Place.  At this turn athletes then return South along the same route back to Whitord Nodes.  On return to Whitord Nodes the bike course continues past the entrance to Whitord Nodes until the second  (North) bike turn just before Angove Drive.  Athletes turn at the Whitford Avenue / Angove Drive roundabout and return past Whitord Nodes to complete their first bike lap.


Athletes continue the return route to Mullaloo Beach along Whitfords Avenue and Northshore Drive for their 2nd and 3rd lap (for the Sprint, AquaBike & Duathlon course).  Bolt and Tin Lid (Kids) athletes turn into Whitford Nodes after the 1st bike lap.  Sprint, AquaBike & Duathlon athletes turn into Whitford Nodes park after their 3rd bike lap.

After competing their last lap, athletes return to the transition area turning left into Whitford Nodes Park to transition for the run leg. 


Run Course:
The run leg is a single lap (1 x lap) out and back lap of 1km out and 1km return for Novice & Junior Bolt (Enticer) and Duathlon athletes  (1st Run leg).

Tin Lids (Trystars) run leg is a out and back lap of 500m in total.

Sprint and Duathlon (2nd Run leg) athletes head out on the same run leg but for a longer 2.5km out and 2.5km return loop.

After exiting transition athletes head North on the recreation path and follow the path towards the Animal Exercise Beach and Pinnaroo Point to their respective turnaround points before returning on the same path.  Race marshals will direct athletes at their respective turn points.  The course offers a run with no traffic exposure but athletes must be cautious as it remains a shared path open to public. 

Quest Map V3.png
Swim Course v.2.1 2019.png
TinLids Bike Course V1.png
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